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  • Smart Economic Development in Cornwall's Commercial Corridors

  • Effective Main Street Revitalization​​

  • Create New Commercial Ratables and Growth in Cornwall's Sales Tax Revenue

  • Develop Tourism Plan to Benefit Small Business Owners and Limit Impact on Local Residents

  • Create Strategic Funding Plan for Sports, Recreation and Community Facilities


  • Implement Vision for Cornwall via Newly Enacted Comprehensive Plan

  • Adopt & Enforce Strong Land-use and Zoning Policies to Preserve Our Quality of Life

  • Explore Opportunities for Sharing Services with County and Other Municipalities to Save Tax Dollars

  • Modern Communication and Engagement with Residents and Stakeholders on Issues of Importance


  • Secured a joint $4.5 million NY Forward Grant for downtown revitalization with the Village.

  • Helped secure $2 million in funding from Empire State Development for Cornwall Social and Storm King Art Center Projects.

  • Completed Bridge Street Pocket Park.

  • Working with owners of Berniker’s Property to secure State funding for Hotel and Hospitality Project that would transform our downtown area.

  • Completed a Main Street Parking Study.

  • Designed a small business guide with the Chamber of Commerce.

  • Proposed changes to zoning and use codes that would make it easier for businesses to open, grow and expand in Cornwall.



  • Collaborated with the Village of COH to transform ambulance service for Village and Town residents, creating a model that can be implemented across Orange County.

  • Provided legal support for Cornwall Police Department to enforce Red Flag Laws and Extreme Risk Prevention Orders to reduce gun violence.

  • Properly staffed building department to allow for proper code enforcement functions that have been lacking for years.

  • Held Idlewild Creek Apartment Complex accountable for fire code and site plan violations that were not enforced by previous administrations.



  • Redesigned and Launched New ADA Compliant Town Website.

  • Designed and launched Explore Cornwall NY website to help promote economic development.

  • Improved Town’s email and network security by adding security protocols.

  • Began process of improving efficiency of DPW and Building Department through installation of new technology.



  • Secured a $200k grant from Senator Skoufis for upgrades at Riverlight Park.

  • Created a park masterplan/design, to be completed in 2023.

  • Addressed the leaking Town Pool by hiring a Pool Engineer to come up with options for Town. Will be completed late winter/early spring 2023.

  • Completed a Gazebo for Music in the Park in June 2022.

  • Planted trees and removed impervious surfaces near the pond to better absorb groundwater in Spring 2022.



  • Completed Sidewalk Projects on Elm, Chestnut and Bridge Streets using ARPA, CDBG and dollars from sidewalk fund.

  • Managed large multi-million-dollar Infiltration and Inflow Capital Projects for Towns Sewer Districts to comply with DEC Consent Order that was issued during previous administrations.

  • Managed FEMA recovery grants for Hurricane IDA, completed Continental Bridge/Culvert Replacement Project, and awarded more than $500K in grants for Engineering & Design Work on FEMA HMGP Projects – Robert Road/Hasbrouck/Sheldon and Continental.

  • Worked with Congressman Maloney, and now Pat Ryan to have a Hasbrouck Drainage Project selected as one of 15 community grants for total of $1.6 million dollars in Clean Water Act funding.

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